Maja Sikorska

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An exhibition of black and white drawings inspired by bodily forms, such as organisms, organs, bones, cells, muscle tissue and wrinkles. The style mimics medical and scientific imagery and while the drawings have a sort of clinical coldness to them, they are contrasted by a scent piece created by Katarzyna Kochańska. The scent was made to evoke a sensation of body and warmth.

History is written in the anonymous bodies of individuals
series of 9 drawings (2014)

   Aortic root (2015)
X-ray (2015)
Heart. Dissected (2015)

Kin (2015)
Diptych of a raccoon scull and my grandmothers jaw

Inner structures (2014)

Skin cells (2015)

Katarzyna Kochańska is a taste and scent expert. She specializes in scent communication, historical scents, personalized scents and teas, aroma marketing, aroma branding and scents in art.  (website in polish)