Maja Sikorska

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Fragmented bodies

Fragmented bodies is an ongoing investigation initiated by Marcus Appelberg as a platform to showcase artworks that have body and materiality, and the fragmentation of the both as a focal point. The first exhibition featured works by Marcus Appelberg, Maja Sikorska and Jenny Kristina Nilsson.

Holey complete

metal plate, schroeder forceps, pressure, fabric, stuffing, gold zipper

“Maja Sikorska uses personal narratives to speak about larger issues. Using the experience of her own sterilisation, her works deal with vulnerability and the sense of powerlessness, both in relation to the own body and the different structures that infringe on the individuals freedom of choice.”

Shift is over
fabric, stuffing, zipper, magill forceps, grip, vinyl gloves, absence, plastic sheet


peephole boxes, sterilisation video stills